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Antebellum fences are built to last, using only the finest material and craftsmanship. We stand behind our work. Whether you are using our products in your back yard or a college baseball stadium, you can be sure that Antebellum is the right choice for you.

Our fence styles are named after our kids, so you can be sure that we take as much pride in your fence as you will.

Antebellum upgrades include but are not limited to Triad Finials, Rings, Modern Post Caps, Balls Caps, and more. 

Antebellum produces gates for any application including Drive Gates, Walk Gates, Security Panic Gates, and more. 

The Advantage of Aluminum

Everything counts when it comes to fencing. For our fences, we rely on the inner strength of aluminum alloys to provide the strength and durability our discerning customers deserve. Aluminum does not rust and therefore drastically reduces the cost of maintenance over iron that rusts, wood that rots, and vinyl that becomes brittle and cracks.





Posts-line, end, corner and blank posts available